About Dr Essop

Dr Ebrahim Essop
Practice Number: 0800724 & AHPCSA No: A01609

Dr Ebrahim Essop is a homeopath based in Lansdowne, Cape Town, with a keen interest in Allergy and Pain Management, as well as Foot Care.

He graduated from the Homeopathic Medical College in Johannesburg in 1977, before establishing Essop Health Services in Kimberley in 1980. Essop Health Services ran successfully in Kimberley and Bloemfontein until 2000, when the practice was relocated to Cape Town and is currently in Lansdowne.

Dr Essop also developed the revolutionary Oxirub Topical Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Medication. This liquid is a fast acting pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Oxirub was created using natural oils and immediately increases the amount of oxygen in the microcirculatory system. For this reason, it is also incredibly effective in relieving burns.


Allergy Management

Dr Ebrahim Essop has a keen interest in homeopathic allergy management and is able to treat his patients for a number of allergy ailments, such as:

• Food Allergies
• Environmental Allergies
• Hay fever
• Asthma
• Eczema
• Sinusitis
• Redness, Itchiness and Swelling of the skin and eyes

Foot Care

Foot Care is a vital component of overall health. Dr Ebrahim Essop is able to assist his patients in maintaining the health, look and feel of their feet with natural, homeopathic topical creams and remedies as well as physical therapeutic treatment. Dr Essop also treats diabetic and leg ulcers, thickened fungal toenails, ingrown toenails, plantar and other warts as well as sports and running injuries to the feet. Patients who are deemed to require it, will be referred to an orthotist. Dr Essop is able to assist in treating:

• Athlete’s Foot
• Cracked Heels
• Toe Ringworm


Developed by Dr Ebrahim Essop, Oxirub is a revolutionary topical medication for instant pain relief. It increases the amount of oxygen in the microcirculatory system, which relieves pain and swelling. It is available from Dr Essop’s Lansdowne practice at R135.00 for a 30ml bottle, and aids in the following:

• Relieve arthritis pain
• Relieve tense, painful back, leg, and neck muscles
• Effectively treats bursitis pain
• Takes the ache out of bumps, sprains, bruises and sore feet
• Immediately relieves cramp on the sports field.
• Treats minor burns due to the increased oxygen to the microcirculatory system
• Effectively stops cold sores if applied at the onset

OxiRub Testimonials

“When I started using Oxirub, my skin was problematic. Within the first week, I saw improvement. My skin looked much better and felt healthier. In the past, I’ve used a number of different products for my skin and nothing else gave me the fast, effective results that I got with Oxirub.” - Junaid, Cape Town.

"I had carpal tunnel and shoulder surgery on 28th November 2013. Since then I have suffered excruciating pain, and I was unable to sleep for more than one hour per night - this only after using sedatives and extreme pain medication. After about an hour, I would be shocked awake by pain. Apart from the continuous pain throughout the day and night, I also stayed tired, moody, irritable and depressed due to lack of sleep.

A friend in Cape Town introduced me to Oxirub, which I subsequently obtained by courier from your practice. This mail is to thank you for an incredible product! I applied the Oxirub to my hand, wrist and shoulder and had uninterrupted sleep for four hours on the very first night, using no sedatives or pain medication at all. It is now two weeks since I started using your product, and I have NO PAIN AT ALL! I have been pain-free since the third day of applying Oxirub. The stiffness in my hand and shoulder has also abated much faster than the surgeons and physiotherapists predicted it would.

I have read the package insert, and I would like you to courier another ten bottles of Oxirub to me as soon as you can. My children and grandchildren have been using my supply for all kinds of aches and pains, and on occasion even for minor burns! Is there any way that I could distribute Oxirub in the Northern Cape? So many people could benefit....!"

Shireen Drude, Kimberley

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